We have a lot of options available for our cart, please see our Facebook page for regular updates and ideas.

Please see below our sweet menu, if there is anything you would like and it is not on our list, please ask and we will try our best to help you.

Please contact us on 07879 696489 for a quote if you would like to hire our sweet cart, personalised options are available.

All of our jars hold 500g of sweets each and we have a choice of jars available.

The cart comes with 3 small sweet scoops, 2 sets of tongs and sweet bags in your choice of colour.

Our sweet table can be hired without sweets for £30.

Please check this page regularly for updates as we are currently working on some items to compliment your cart options.

Wrapped Sweets

Candy watches and whistles.

Popping candy

Sherbet dibdabs and straws

Double and love heart dip

Haribo mini bags

Love hearts mini tubes

Twisty marshmallows

Moam, all varieties

Swizzles assorted chews

Wrapped fruit sweets

Pez, fizzy and sour

*Incur extra charge*


Strawberry melody pops


Double lollies

Mixed lollies

Rainbow swirl lollies

*Extra items*

Choc gold coins

wrapped wedding chocolate squares

wrapped wedding rock sweets

gin fizz gummy bottles

Love is sweet bags

loose jar 

Haribo, all varieties

Moan, all varieties

Flying saucers

Swizzles squashies

boiled Sweets, all varieties

Rainbow drops



*Bakery items*

Dipped Oreo's

Covered Oreo's

Cake pop's

marshmallow pop's

Mini cupcakes

Chocolate truffles

Mini popsicles

chocolate lollipops